English Novel

When Jane woke up, the sun was shining through the slits of the blind. The silhouette of the room appeared slowly. When she looked around, she suddenly remembered how bad her life was. She remembered the last night (or night before). A man in a police uniform knocked at the door and told her in an unhappy voice that her husband had died on a boat trip. Jane couldn't believe what the man said, she was shocked so she went through the hall into the living room. The police officer followed her and closed the front door. Jane sat down and asked the officer how the accident could have happened. The officer answered: ......

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There were some men on the boot. And we think it weren’t friends. She was shocked and said: ”But he said he went on the boot trip to be lonely for a while so he has time to think.” But the Officer was sure and said:” No it’s a fact that there had been four persons on the boot.” As Jane thought of the last sentence the Officer said she started to cry. The Officer asked:” Do you know if your husband had ever contact to drugs?? He died because he consumed much too much Heroin. We think the other persons on the boot sold him drugs and when they left the boot he consumed it and died.” Jane shivered. Did Jack really took drugs? She could not believe it. She took the decision to find out what really happened. She said strongly: I will find the truth and I will find Jacks Murderer.

In the afternoon she went determinedly to the police station of Miami and asked for the Inspector analysing the case of her man. She wanted to know all clues they founded.

The Policeman said all Jane wanted to know about Jacks dead. At the end he said:” Please don’t spoil your live. You won’t find something. It was an accident.”

But Jane didn’t here on the inspector and thought: I know, Jack, you were murdered and nobody could stop me to find the murderer.

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Afterwards Jane went home and thought about the murderer. "Who wanted to kill Jack? Maybe a group of racists, because he was black", she thought. "It could be the Ku-Klux-Clan. They killed black people. But nobody knew where they live." Jane phoned the police and said what she thought. The officer said, she has no arguments and so the police couldn't help her. Then Jane phoned her brother, because he is a detective. She asked him for this work and he agreed. He told her, that he searched for the Ku-Klux-Clan three years ago. But he couldn’t find the clan. But he has an assistant, who is very good in searching for persons or groups now. Three years ago he had an assistant, too, but he was very bad for this kind of work.

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