So Jane went to the gutter where her husband had been killed. There she wanted to find evidences. Jane thought: Perhaps I'll find blood or fingerprints. But I don't think that. So she went to the gutter and searched for evidences. But suddenly there was a man with a white suit. He looks in some way like a dealer. But she didn't know! She decided to accost the man. After around 5 minutes she asked him for her husband. And than he ran away I was just 2 metres behind him but than a bag felt out of his hand. I looked to the bag and saw a syringe of blood.

3.12.06 18:55

I was really surprised and shocked. At first I don’t now what i should think but than everything was so clear. The man at the gutter belongs to the Ku-Klux-Clan. Because she couldn’t imagine why he runs away unless he belongs to them.  She calls her brother and tells him about what happens. He says that he will look after it. Two days later she got an answer from him. The man belongs to the Ku-Klux-Clan. At once she don’t know what happens, she hears a bang in the background. She was really shocked and she was afraid about her brother. What happens? Is he ok? She wants to go to him but it was too late. When she arrives his dead body lies at he ground and everywhere was blood.

12.12.06 15:02

Who did this? She thought. She guessed it was the Ku Klux Clan, but then she saw a card that’s lying on her brothers back. “The Black Widows were here” stands on it. Who were the Black Widows? Was the Ku Klux Clan a complety wrong hint? Jane gets a thousand thoughts through her mind, the she decided to get to now how much as possible about the Black Widows.


Two Days passed by, and Jane still got no Clue who the Black Widows are. She sits on her morning coffee and reads the newspaper until she found an interesting article: “Warehouse full of Cocaine found” She goes on reading and there was the answer “… a gang handling with drugs called the Black Widows rent the Warehouse...”

Now everything was so clear for Jane. The Black Widows are Drug Dealers! She put her coffee on the desk and ran to the phone, Jane phoned…

12.12.06 15:04

She phoned the police office and asked whether somebody of the black window were caught by the police. But unfortunately nobody was caught. Even the police didn’t know who in the gang was and where the members are. After the phone call she drove to the house where the drugs were found. She tried to go in the house, but the officer didn’t let her in. She was despaired .She wanted to find the murderer of her husband but nobody let her. Everybody said it was an accident, but she knew that he was murdered and that the murderers are the same people as the murderers of her brother. How could she show everybody that it wasn’t an accident? How could she get in this house? Suddenly she knew what to do. She would break into the house by night to get information!

16.12.06 14:42

Dressed in black she broke quietly into the house. Jane took a torch and looked around the rooms. Nothing. Doubtful to find something she thought: "Where could I find the needed information? And what will I do if someone comes? It's so dangerous.. but I’m doing it for my husband, I wanna know who the murderers are!" Suddenly Jane heard some noises. She hid behind a cupboard and her heart began to beat faster and faster. Someone came into the room where she was in and the person came nearer and nearer. "They'll catch me now" ,she thought, but then the door was closed again. She was so relieved and began to search for the information again. Jane opened a drawer of the cupboard…

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