Who did this? She thought. She guessed it was the Ku Klux Clan, but then she saw a card that’s lying on her brothers back. “The Black Widows were here” stands on it. Who were the Black Widows? Was the Ku Klux Clan a complety wrong hint? Jane gets a thousand thoughts through her mind, the she decided to get to now how much as possible about the Black Widows.


Two Days passed by, and Jane still got no Clue who the Black Widows are. She sits on her morning coffee and reads the newspaper until she found an interesting article: “Warehouse full of Cocaine found” She goes on reading and there was the answer “… a gang handling with drugs called the Black Widows rent the Warehouse...”

Now everything was so clear for Jane. The Black Widows are Drug Dealers! She put her coffee on the desk and ran to the phone, Jane phoned…

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