....and she found a message to another player of a game: This game is real. You have to find me, Blistex. She thought: „Who is Blistex? What kind of game is he or she talking about?" She wanted to go, but the door was locked. Jane began to cry and thought what she had to do. Then she had a great idea. Sometimes she had heard what her brother had done, when he had to find out something. He put a card in the window and suddenly it was open. Jane looked in her bag. There was no card, but than she found her credit card in her jacket. Jane put in the card between a window and the wall. The window breaks open. She jumped through the window. But she not gives up searching for new information. She must found something that could help her. Suddenly she heard a voice. Two men came in. Jane understood a little bit of the dialog. One of the men says: "We must find the woman." Jane was scared. She thought: "Did they talk about me?" Her body went cold. The other man went on: "We must find the letters with the note the man had made. When the police find out about us, we have a real problem." Jane considered about the men. "Do they belong to the Black Windows? And about what they have spoken?" The men leave the house. “Should I follow them? “, Jane deliberated, "Yes I will found out what really have happened." She follows the men. Suddenly ...
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