...out of a bush. Two other men get off the car. They wear a white suit and sunglasses. Jane was scared, but one of them said with an friendly voice:" You don't must be scared. I'm Holan", he pointed at the other man "and this is Mumlug. We are against the Black Windows." Jane calm down and ask Holan:"Who has killed my husband and my brother?". Holan answered:" It were the Black Windows, but we want to help you." Jane believe Holan and said:" Ok, Holan. Let's keep evidence for this murders." Holan answered:" It's not easy." Jane doesn't understand this. "Why it's not easy? You know it and you have a mouth to say it." Holan answered:" It's because of Blistex. He think that the life is a game and with dealing and murdering he try to make the best from his life. I have tried to stop him, but he don't listen to me. He want to kill all people who stand him in the way." Jane anwered:" It must give evidence." - "No, he has killed all witnesses. But it gives a chance." - "what" "We must go in the main quarters and find the diary of Blistex, the leader of the Black Windows." - "Do you know where the quarter is?" - "Yes. But there are lot's of guards with guns." - " Do we have a chance?" - "I'm Holan and this it Munlug." Jane look increduleos to Holan. He said: "It means yes.". Jane thought about the plan and said:" Ok, Holan, let's do it." Holan answered with a very serious face:" Good, but it will be bloody." Jane answered with the same face like Holan:"Let's do it." After a few seconds Holan opened the door of the car and make a gesture to say that Jane should go in. On the way to the Main quartiers of the Black Windows Holan asked Mumlug: "Do you have your G45-mashinegun in the trunk?" Mumlug answered:" Yes, everything ready for the fucking guards from the Windows." - "Good!", Holan turn round to Jane:" Jane, I think it will be very bloody, because Mumlug has his gun in the trunk." Jane anwsered:" If we can help the justice I have no fear." - "Good, but wait in the car! We are specialists in things like these." - "Ok." After one hour they arrived at the quarter and Munlug get out of the car to the trunk and open it. He take the gun out of the trunk and go to the guards. One of the guards said:" Go home or we kill you. This is the quater of the Black Windows. Mumlug smiled to the guard and held the gun to the heart of the guard. Then he said:" Good bye, fucking Window!". He fired. The first guard was at once dead. The other draw his pistol and began to fire. One bullet flew near Mumlug's head. But the guard hasn't enough time to fire once more, because Mumlug has hit him first. The second guard fell dead to the ground and Jane and Holan left the carand went to Mumlug. In the near of Mumlug Jane wasn't frightend. Then Mumlug open the door of the quarter and went in. The 3 go across the corridor to a door, where was on a board written: " Leader office". They go into the office and fortunately there was nobody. Jane search for the diary and find it in the third drawer of the desk. Jane opened it. It was really the diary of Blistex and inside stands some interesting informations: Blistex was stupid enough to write all of his murders in his diary. Jane show it Holan. Holan was very happy about the new informations. He said to Mumlug that they must quickly go out, because they have, what they want. Then they drive to the police and show the chief of the station the diary. Then Jane reported Blistex to the police for 35 murders. If Jane have done this she looks for the entry in the diary when her husband was murdered: I have sell lot's of drugs to a man with the name Jack. But Pablo, one of my dealers, was stupid enough to gith him a overdose and the man died.

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